Pucci’s Pharmacy Case Study

Intend Optimizes Pharmcies Like Yours

Discover how Pucci’s Pharmacy, a thriving community pharmacy, leveraged the power of Intend to transform their operations and achieve remarkable results. In this compelling case study video, you’ll dive into the journey of Pucci’s Pharmacy and witness firsthand how Intend revolutionized their approach to patient care, revenue management, and overall business growth.

Fuel Your Pharmacy’s Growth

Join us as we explore Pucci’s Pharmacy’s remarkable transformation with Intend. Gain invaluable insights and practical tips to fuel your own pharmacy’s growth, streamline operations, and enhance patient care. Be inspired to take your pharmacy to new heights of success.


Streamlined Operations

Witness how Intend empowered Pucci’s Pharmacy to streamline their operations, automate routine tasks, and optimize their workflow. Say goodbye to tedious administrative work and embrace a more efficient way of working.

Elevated Patient Care

Discover how Intend’s comprehensive pharmacy software solution enhanced Pucci’s Pharmacy’s ability to deliver personalized care and improve patient outcomes. See how the platform’s medication therapy management services and population health capabilities made a tangible difference.

Boosted Revenue

Uncover the secrets behind Pucci’s Pharmacy’s revenue growth. Explore how Intend’s integration with insurance providers, automated billing processes, and customer value tracking helped Pucci’s Pharmacy maximize their revenue potential.

Success Stories

We did 888 vaccinations a couple of Mondays ago in 6 hours. The ability of the software to intergrate with the lab or other entities is a strong selling point. Intend is doing what we need in healthcare, utlizing effcient intergraions between labs and other entities

Maria Lopez

Mission Wellness Pharmacy

Your team and software are really something special and we feel so lucky to have found you guys. Things have been going well and we have actually been getting some of our work because we use Intend.

Everyone loves the paperless solution.

Jay Rigby

Owner, Spotlight Medical

Knowing the insurance benefits are verified prior to the appointment is a huge time saver for both our staff and patients. During the appointment, our physicians can review medical history and diagnostic test results in real-time, and they can write a prescription that the patient can fill at any pharmacy they choose, or at one of our clinics on-site.

Ayana Herbert, MD

Co-Founder and Board-Certified Emergency Medicine, RTW Health Services


What is Intend?

Intend is a web based software platform designed for healthcare providers to streamline patient relationship management, scheduling, intake, insurance verification, billing, lab integration, follow-up, state and federal reporting.

Can Intend integrate with other pharmacy or practice management?

Intend integrates with various healthcare systems with lab, and billing software. HL7 messaging, CSV, and API integrations natively supported.

Does intend provide County, State, and Federal reporting?

Intend provides extensive reporting capabilities. Most federal, state, and county reporting formats are supported. Over 5 million lab test results & vaccines have been administered and reported since founding.

Can intend be hosted on my domain and use custom company branding?

Intend can be ‘white labeled’ as customized to fit your website, online branding, and web domain.

Does intend provide insurance verification?

Intend provides real-time insurance verification. Customers can provide photos of their insurance card or policy numbers can be manually entered.

Does Intend provide billing services?

Intend can directly process credit/debit payments as well as integrate with other payer and insurance billing systems.

Can Dr’s prescribe medications via Intend?

With a valid NPI and licensing requirements, providers can prescribe medications directly from the Intend application.

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